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Just a few weeks and RUMORS AT COURT will be available in the US and the UK! The print copy goes on sale April 18. The e-version will be ready May 1, but both are available for pre-order now.

RTBookreviews gave it a wonderful, 4-Star review, writing “delights on every level, from the sumptuous settings to the whispered…rumors spinning through the royal court. As her fans know, Gifford’s characters are always well developed and, based on their previous life experiences, deeply resistant to a new passion…until, of course, love gets its way…”

Here’s a bit more about the book, to whet your appetite. The book, the third Royal Wedding Story, is set in England, late in the Fourteenth Century. At this time, England’s earlier success against France in the Hundred Years War has slipped away and the once extensive English holdings on the continent are in danger. There is unease in the country and rumors abound about the royal family and the intentions of the enemy.

The story includes a number of real historical figures, as has been the case with the other two Royal Wedding Stories and you’ll also see some familiar characters from WHISPERS AT COURT, though the stories are independent.
Rumors at Court by Blythe Gifford
My author copies of RUMORS AT COURT

As the book begins, the English king’s son has assumed the title of King of Castile, now part of Spain, by virtue of his marriage to the previous king’s daughter. Soon, he plans to seize the throne from the current ruler and establish his own court there.

My hero, Sir Gil Wolford, who appeared in WHISPERS AT COURT, plans to go with him. But before they sail, Castile’s “king” insists Gil marry Lady Valerie Florham, a widow.

Valerie, who as a widow finally has a chance at a life beyond the reach of a man, does not want to wed. Freed from her abusive husband, she only wants to live in peace, enjoying the garden she has created on English land that her family has held in for generations.

Gil is no more eager to marry than she, but he has no desire to remain on English soil. He has spent his life trying to prove himself worthy, despite his scandalous family background. Before he marries and sires a son, he wants to sit at the right hand of the King of Castile, in the palace of Alcazar, as far away from his past as possible.

When the two first meet. Gil, whose company included Lady Valerie’s late husband, has a final commander’s duty to perform. One he wants completed quickly.

Click here for an excerpt from Chapter One.

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