COMING in June, 2015

The next Royal Weddings story:


I’m delighted to report that my editor has accepted WHISPERS AT COURT with “a big, happy sigh.” The book is (appropriately!) scheduled for next June, traditionally a wedding month. I look forward to sharing excerpts and the cover art as we move into the new year, but I’m until then, I hope you enjoy reading the Author Note that will appear in the front of the book:

For most children of royal birth, the course of true love not only “never did run smooth,” it was not expected to run at all. A royal wedding was typically more like the signing of a treaty than a celebration of love.

But King Edward III, who ruled England for most of the 14th century, had a soft spot in his heart for his oldest daughter. And her romance with a French prisoner of war, or hostage, is one of the most astonishing love stories of the medieval era.

Today, the very word “hostage” brings shivers of fear. But during the medieval war between England and France, an elaborate set of rules, both economic and chivalric, guided the taking of prisoners in battle. A hostage was held until a ransom was paid, but he was also treated according to his noble station and was expected to conduct himself accordingly. In return, some of the French knights held in the court of the English king, were entertained (dare I say?) “royally.”

Cecily, Countess of Losford, has no sympathy for the French hostages, men she blames for her father’s death, and she disapproves of the princess’s flirtation with one of them. In an effort to stop the WHISPERS AT COURT, she forms an unlikely alliance with Marc de Marcel, a French hostage who learned long ago that for too many of his fellows, honor was no more than a word. But as Cecily and Marc try to keep the English princess and the French lord apart, the two of them become dangerously close, until finally, each must choose between the demands of honor and the desires of the heart.

If you’d like to read more about the history surrounding this story, here’s a blog I wrote for Unusual Historicals on the topic.  Click here to enjoy! 


I’ll be participating in the Harlequin Community Open House, which kicks off December 8. Come join the fun – a week of festivities around holiday food, crafts, and traditions. For details: And for some additional Christmas cheer, visit me when I guest blog for Deanna Raybourn on December 23. I’ve had Christmas settings in three of my other books and I’ll be sharing a taste of medieval traditions to get you in the seasonal mood. The post will be here: