Are you getting in a Yuletide mood? While I’ve never written a strictly “Christmas” book, several of my stories do have Christmas scenes, since during the medieval era, it was an important celebration. Here are four that have a significant Christmas component. If you’re are looking for a taste of the coming holiday, you might enjoy one of them. Two are set in the royal court of England during the Fourteenth Century, one at a medieval university, and the fourth at the Scottish king’s court during the Tudor era. For more about each book, excerpts and buy links, click on the cover.

Whispers at Court by Blythe Gifford
WHISPERS AT COURT, the second Royal Wedding story, shows how the French hostages were feted at the English court of Edward III, included in the Christmas feasts and celebrations. The English heroine is forced to help the French hero prepare for a “disguising,” a sort of theatrical performance. At least, she tells him she is helping…
The first Weston sister story, THE HARLOT’S DAUGHTER, opens during Christmas at the court of Richard II of England about twenty years later than WHISPERS AT COURT, as the heroine, the daughter of the dead king and his notorious mistress, seeks to find a place in the new regime. The Lord of Misrule, who turns all the rules upside down at this time of year, forces the hero and heroine closer than either wants….
The Harlot's Daughter by Blythe Gifford
In the Master's Bed by Blythe Gifford

The second Weston sister story, IN THE MASTER’S BED, takes place primarily at Cambridge University, where the heroine has disguised herself as a boy so she can be admitted. Christmas break then, as now, was a time when students went home to their families. Except, that is, for the hero and heroine, who are left there alone…
Finally, CAPTIVE OF THE BORDER LORD, the second of the Brunson Clan trilogy, is partially set at the Scottish Tudor court. A significant portion of the book takes place during what were called “The Daft Days,” the twelve days of Christmas, when the usually sensible heroine finds herself caught up in the spirit of the season and all too close to a man who may be her family’s worst enemy…
Captive of the Border Lord by Blythe Gifford

I hope the holiday season brings you joy, no matter what your form of celebration.