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The next Royal Weddings story:


I am thrilled to announce the release of my next Royal Weddings story, WHISPERS AT COURT. And as a special treat, I’ve also included a link to an excerpt from the book.

Like SECRETS AT COURT, it is set in the Fourteenth Century English court of Edward III and centers on a real royal love affair. In the case of WHISPERS AT COURT, it is the king’s favorite daughter, Isabella, who falls in love with a French lord and hostage.

My heroine, Lady Cecily, the Countess of Losford, scorns the French hostages held at court. Treated as honored guests, the men play at love games and Cecily fears her mistress, the princess, could be disgraced.

War-weary chevalier Marc de Marcel wants only to return home. Uncertain whether his ransom will ever be paid, he makes an unlikely alliance with enticing fire-and-ice Cecily. He'll help her keep the princess safe from ruin if she'll help him escape.  A pact which could lead them into a scandal of their own...

Royal Weddings... A hint of scandal this way comes!

For an excerpt, click here.